The Advantages of Buying a Subsidized House

The Advantages of Buying a Subsidized House


The house is now one of the needs that is quite difficult to meet. One reason is the price of an expensive and continues to rise. However, subsidized homes are a solution for the middle and low income people. Although sold at a cheap price, quality affairs would become the primary concern when buying a home subsidies.

When deciding to buy a subsidized home from the government, you have to be careful. Indeed, the opportunity given by the government through this subsidized home program should not be missed. Mainly for low income people who are entitled to obtain this subsidized housing credit.

Generally, subsidized home prices have been set at a certain price range. Assuming affordable payments per month and long tenor of 10 to 20 years, then subsidized homes can be a solution for low income people who want to own a home. You can check cheap housing areas on perumnas for more information.

Here are the advantages when buying a subsidized home from the government.

Affordable prices

The first advantage of course you will get a house with affordable prices. As is known, subsidized houses are for the Low Income Communities. So, the price must be adjusted with the ability of their pockets.

Typically, the government provides information on the sale price of subsidized houses to be built in several cities. The price per unit of subsidized house is different from one city to another.

Trusted Developer

Many developers or developers who work together in the program Ministry of Public Housing. The developers have been registered with some official developer associations such as APERSI and REI.

In addition, although classified as a small developer, the developer already has several residential projects in other areas that have been completed or still in the sales process. Thus, the risk of any naughty developer is very small.

Potential Location

Typically, subsidized homes are located in industrial areas that are and will develop later. The areas near the industrial park are rapidly evolving and will become strategic areas to live in.

Distance to the industrial estate from the residential location was not too far away, only about 7-15 km. So for the citizens working in the area, subsidized housing lands become a strategic area to live in.

Not Indent House

No need to worry about unscrupulous developer. Because the government has arranged in such a way that there is no inden home system for subsidized housing program. All houses are ready to be occupied (ready stock), to minimize the risk of failure to build.

Prospective buyers can check directly the condition of the house in the location concerned to ensure that the houses in the location has been built well and planned.